All customer compartment and parcel locker doors shall be open for this test. No two compartments in the same receptacle shall be keyed alike. UNLOCK TOPLOCK AND REMOVE MAIL. The drawings shall be dated and signed by a manufacturers representative(s). Site design / logo 2023 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA. In addition, Arrow has also introduced a new cam lock product to expand this line. 7.2.1 Approved Receptacles Units that are approved will be retained by the USPS. The drawings will be stamped and identified as representing each unit. The master loading door(s) shall be easy to open and close. Type VI, Front Loader (No Parcel Compartment) A family of mail receptacles in a single column configuration with a single master door design, a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 customer compartments and 1 mail collection compartment with separate outgoing mail slot and Arrow lock door. The ASTM D3801 standard flame test shall achieve a rating of V-1 or better. The depicted representations are only examples of possible compartment configurations. The doors shall be held open at an angle of 90 degrees (+5,-0). Ithaca Materials Research & Testing, Inc. (IMR), Independent Test Laboratories, Inc. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. 7.2.2. They may be engraved or stamped. Effect of a "bad grade" in grad school applications. How does one even go about making an install request? (Note: It is the building owner's responsibility to make sure that the installation of any receptacle is in compliance with local building and fire codes.). The chamber shall first be stabilized at the test temperature. The key shall not be easy to remove from the key ring. 3.5.1 Customer Compartment Doors Once opened, a customer door shall remain in the opened position until closed and locked. Replacing doorknob and my current hole is bigger than the new doorknob. Our fieldwork was completed before the President of the United States issued the national emergency declaration concerning the novel coronavirus disease outbreak (COVID-19) on March 13, 2020. All parcel compartment doors shall be locked for shipment. The Postal Service uses a universal key, known as an arrow key, to access collection boxes, outdoor parcel lockers, cluster box units, and apartment panels. These instructions shall contain all information as detailed in section 3.13. Figure 2 Front Loader, Double Column & Master Door - Long Description Ineffective controls over arrow keys increases the risk that these items will be lost or stolen and not detected. These units are designed to provide separate parcel delivery capability for wall-mounted, centralized mail receptacles installed without integral parcel compartments. USPS-L-1172 or equivalent shall be identified and perform in the following manner to allow for efficient control, security, and operation. 3.1 General Design and Construction The general configurations of the wall-mounted, centralized mail receptacles shall conform to the requirements as described in this standard. Three keys shall be provided for each receptacle lock, tagged with the clear plastic holder for their respective receptacle, and placed in the same bag with compartment keys. A 3-pound hammer shall be used for a time period not to exceed 1 minute in tandem with these other tools during the tests of the seams and gaps around the perimeter of the mail slot. 3.10 Locks Locks and cams shall be provided as specified below. Arrow locks are also referred to as "Master Access Locks" [1] The phrase OUTGOING MAIL shall be marked on the deposit slot shield in black, recessed lettering. In addition, they shall be 3/4 to 1 inch high, sequential, black, and recessed. You can also download a key log template from the internet. The Postal Service uses a universal key, known as an arrow key, to access collection boxes, outdoor parcel lockers, cluster box units, and apartment panels. A minor scale definition: am I missing something? Answer (1 of 2): It is a special master key that opens either collection boxes, Cluster Banks or any USPS controlled mail entry/exit point that has the arrow lock installed. 1646R USPS Mail Box Key Specifications SKU #: 1646R Vendor : Ilco Weight : 0.02 lb Alternative Key : NTC-14 For installation sites with less then ten customer compartments, there shall be no mandatory parcel locker requirement, however, it shall be the intent of the Postal Service to strongly encourage the inclusion of a parcel locker. All holes or openings shall be reinforced. The lock and door shall remain closed and locked after each test. The receptacles shall be designed and constructed so that they can be serviced according to the intended method, front or rear access. 5.3 System The approved source shall use a documented quality management system acceptable to the USPS. The installation described shall be tested in accordance with the testing of section 4.11.9. This lock is not available to developers and builders to pre-install. Both front- and rear- loading receptacles shall be mounted in accordance with the installation requirements as stipulated in this document and the applicable sections of the current Postal Operations Manual (POM) as referenced in section 2.2. The lock-mounting hole in the door shall be able to withstand 100 foot-pounds of torque applied in the plane of the door, preventing the lock from being turned in the door allowing unauthorized entry into the compartment. These forces shall be held for a time not to exceed one minute and then released. Receptacles submitted to the USPS (see 1.3) for final evaluation must be identical in every way to the receptacles to be marketed, and must be marked as specified in 3.11. 390 0 obj <>stream When the carrier activates a master loading door latch mounted on the door, the latch handle may be used to pull the door open. Parcel compartment doors shall be numbered (typically, 1P, 2P, etc). Marking shall be permanent and lettering size shall be 3/8 to 1/2 inch high. Copies of United States Postal Service specifications, standards and drawings may be obtained from USPS Delivery and Industrial Equipment CMC, Greensboro, NC 27498-0001. The mail slot and the Arrow lock door (carrier access door) shall share the same compartment but be separate items for security reasons. Figure 7 Rear Loader, Single Column (No Parcel Compartment) - Long Description I'd have thought there would be a form and/or documentation somewhere on the USPS site, but all I've come up with is an almost-suspicious lack of any information whatsoever. A mail deposit slot 10.75 inches wide by .75 inches high shall be provided with a weather shield and a security shield to protect the deposited mail from the rain and snow and to prevent removal of the mail by fishing and pilfering techniques through the deposit slot. as an option for solving this that way lies madness. Type X, Front Loader, Parcel Only (No Master Door) A family of parcel receptacles in a single column configuration without a master door design. All keys shall move freely in and out of the lock. It's a video of two postal thieves using a master key to open apartment building mailboxes. Do NOT submit any sample units to the USPS prior to complying with the requirements of 6.1.2. 3.7.2 Parcel Compartment Sizes The minimum interior dimensions of the parcel compartments shall be as follows: When the latch mechanism is mounted on the unit frame, the handle must provide between 1.25 and 1.50 inches of grip length and a minimum of 1 square inch of surface area. 8403 LEE HIGHWAY (We can, of course, also call and explicitly make that request.). 3.5 Customer and Parcel Compartment Doors All compartment doors shall meet the common requirements listed in this section. I know that USPS policy has been shifting towards centralized delivery in recent years, so that they no longer have to visit individual addresses in order to deliver mail. (Note: For any nonparcel compartment design, disregard parcel compartment references.). Copies of the applicable sections of the Postal Operations Manual can be obtained from USPS Delivery and Retail, 475 LEnfant Plaza SW, Washington, D.C. 20260-6200. Browse other questions tagged, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site. The spring shall be of sufficient strength to close the door from any opened position. It only takes a minute to sign up. Figure 5 Rear Loader, Double Column - Long Description The receptacle shall be free from sharp edges, sharp corners, protruding rivets, and operational features, which might injure or hamper the carrier or customer. The Postal Services management controls over arrow keys were ineffective. Enhance how your customers interact and engage with mail. 36"- The USPS Arrow lock (master door lock) opening shall be a minimum of 36" above the finished floor. If drawings show that the proposed receptacle design appears likely to comply with the requirements of this standard, manufacturers will be notified in writing and may then continue with the application requirements described in 6.1.2. The doors shall be designed to open, close, and lock without binding or excessive play. of approved products or drawings shall not be made without written USPS approval. Any proposed changes shall be submitted with the affected documentation reflecting the changes (including a notation in the revision area), and a written explanation of the changes. USPS ENGINEERING, DELIVERY AND RETAIL SYSTEMS The mounting technique and hardware selected shall allow the receptacle, when wall-mounted in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, to meet the pull requirements of section 4.11.9. with card insert (side A & B). The room ambient shall be between 65 and 75 F. Normal operation is defined as operation required and defined by this document. In addition, no compartment size shall be offered that is larger than any fully tested size. In addition, the Postal Service will provide dummy Arrow locks for test purposes upon request. Arrow locks are unlocked through the use of a corresponding arrow key. These units are designed to provide separate parcel delivery capability for wall-mounted, centralized mail receptacles installed without integral parcel compartments. The USPS reserves the right at any time to examine and retest units obtained either in the general marketplace or from the manufacturer. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Why does Acts not mention the deaths of Peter and Paul? Where can I find a clear diagram of the SPECK algorithm? Every Door Direct Mail samples require a simplified address of a "Postal Customer". The material used in the fabrication of this equipment shall be new, suitable for the purpose used, free from all defects, and of the best commercial quality for this type of equipment. 2.2 Government Documents The following documents of the latest issue are incorporated by reference as part of this standard. Letter and envelope thicknesses shall be achieved by inserting 8.50 inch by 11 inch paper. Choose from a variety of templates and stock photos or add your own. Here are 5 steps that you can follow for making a key log; Step#1: Firstly, make a table that contains various rows and columns. However, no offered compartment height shall preclude any of the critical installation requirements, or any other requirement, from being met. L. 91-375 effective within 1 year after Aug. 12, 1970, on date established therefor by Board of Governors of United States Postal Service and published by it in Federal Register, see section 15(a) of Pub. Type II, Front Loader A family of mail receptacles in a double column configuration with a double master door design, a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 16 customer compartments, 1 mail collection compartment with separate outgoing mail slot and Arrow lock door, and 1 or 2 parcel compartments. No part of the receptacle may show finish corrosion, blistering, or peeling, or other destructive reaction upon conclusion of test. The strength of the spring shall not be excessive as to create the potential for injury or cause the doors to slam shut. Use the usps arrow key template 2016 template to ease independent agency document workflows. The Grievant Public Key Infrastructure; Search. This door shall be designed to accommodate the mounting of the Arrow lock and the securing of a minimum-sized (3 inches high by 12 inches wide by 15 inches deep) compartment, which typically shall be used for retrieval of collection mail. Optional outgoing mail compartment heights, requiring blanking plates larger than the minimum, shall be allowable. Dissimilar metals shall be protected against galvanic corrosion. Test Evaluation & Quality Title. But we don't have centralized delivery here, and if the carrier is willing to carry a copy of our building key \_()_/. Available Formats The Arrow lock "captures" the 910 lock after its key has been inserted and the For General Information, Suggestions, and Complaints, please. The plastic tags shall be 1-1/2 + 1/16 inches wide by 3 + 1/16 inches long by 3/16 (+1/16, -0) inches thick, and shall have an opening at one end for a key ring. When fitted with a standard USPS "Arrow lock", any postal carrier can open the box, then use the key stored inside to unlock the door and enter the building. This may consist of a review of the manufacturer's quality manual (see and an onsite quality system evaluation (see 5.2). TABLE II 3.2 Materials Latitude shall be allowed in the materials used. 7.1.1 Disapproved Receptacles Units disapproved will be disposed of in 30 calendar days from the date of the written notification of disapproval or returned to the manufacturer, if requested, provided the manufacturer pays shipping costs. So my question becomes, before I consider ordering one of these: How do you go about getting the actual lock installed? Is this plug ok to install an AC condensor? All front loading receptacles shall have fixed solid backs. 4.11.3 Parcel Compartment Door Gaps and seams around the perimeter of the parcel compartment door(s) shall be tested using pry tools listed in 4.11 for a period not to exceed 3 minutes to ensure that access to the compartment cannot be gained. and they really don't give them out. In addition, the Arrow lock compartment door will also be subjected to a 2-minute torch test using commonly available microtorch kits. Both devices must incorporate an Arrow lock to access the key or 3.8 Collection Mail and Carrier Access (front-loading designs only) Compartment All units shall have one reinforced collection mail compartment. This test is applicable to metal receptacle designs only. 3.5.3 Carrier Access (Arrow Lock) Door (Front Loader Designs) The carrier access door shall have accommodations for mounting either Arrow lock shown in figure 13 in such a manner that the modified Arrow lock cylinder is flush with the front of the compartment door and the standard Arrow lock is slightly recessed. Individual customer locks shall be located in the compartment doors on the left side. The thickness, form, and mechanical and chemical properties of the material shall be adequate to meet the operational, structural, and performance requirements set forth in this standard. Key tracking options, which could significantly reduce the amount of manual daily tracking, include Radio Frequency Identification and barcodes with built-in tracking intelligence. 3.6.2 Rear Loader Designs The master loading door for any rear loading units shall be in the form of a rear cover or door, which can be opened or removed and closed or replaced by the mail carrier, which will permit delivery of mail to each compartment. I think your best bet would be to contact the postmaster at your local Post Office. One is a master key - also called an arrow key -. Open master key template usps tracking in a little more traditional trade paperbacks and gives out darker than before saving her want the key Card insert lettering shall be legible and of sufficient size and contrast to be easily read. The overall height, width, and depth of any receptacle shall be such that all the applicable mounting requirements shall be met. Fax: 864-286-1698. The Arrow lock captures the 910 lock after its key has been inserted and the lock turned to allow the customer to remove their parcel. hb``b``Vc```dZ In addition, no offered outgoing mail compartment height shall preclude any of the critical installation requirements, or any other requirement, from being met, and no compartment size shall be offered that is larger than any fully tested size. USPS offers direct mail advertising promotions and incentives to help you continuously invest in the future of your business, and promote best practices for integrating direct mail with mobile technology and highlight new products and other innovative mailing techniques. These key blanks are designed to fit USPS mailboxes, and can be easily cut to fit your specific mailbox lock. This process shall ensure that all complaints are reviewed and that appropriate action is taken to determine cause and prevent reoccurrence. Outdoor installations shall be in compliance with conditions as described in this document and the applicable sections of the POM without damage or deterioration to the materials of the receptacle or to its contents. A limited loading shall be permitted on the end of the Arrow lock bolt only when the Arrow lock is used as an actuator to engage locking pins. Sheet metal screws shall not be used in the assembly of the receptacle. Each lock shall be provided with three keys as specified in section 3.11.1. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. The surface shall be concealed by the master door(s) and shall be visible only by the carrier once the master door(s) is opened. 3.16 RivetedJoints Hollow-type eyelets or grommets shall not be used in the fabrication of the receptacle. In addition, the locks shall be tested using vise grips and other tools in an attempt to turn the lock with the customer or parcel door in the closed position. All compartments of front loading receptacles shall have their own door and shall be hinged on the right. When the lock is installed and the key is inserted, the locks must be positioned so that the key is free to turn without binding or contacting/scraping any adjoining surface. We have a 9-unit apartment building with USPS-approved mailboxes mounted in the secured entry lobby. So I did my research and learned how to so it myself. 4.6 Abrasion Resistance The units coating/finish shall be tested for resistance to abrasion in accordance with method A of ASTM D968. Postal Bulletin 22206 - Contents. I ended up just walking over and making the request in person, which worked out well enough, but it did require going down there. When the carrier activates a master loading door latch mechanism mounted on the unit frame, the outer edge of the master loading door shall be automatically opened a minimum of 1 inch outside the door frame, enabling the carrier to easily grasp the door. It is such a headache to contact the local postmaster, no one picks up the phone at the post office, and if they do no one seems to know what you are talking about. Does a password policy with a restriction of repeated characters increase security? Thanks for contributing an answer to Home Improvement Stack Exchange! In the vertical direction, the customer lock and the numbers shall be the same centerline. Any parcel compartment provided as an integral part of a receptacle design shall have a 910 lock that is keyed differently than any customer compartment lock in the receptacle. The receptacle will have failed the sand abrasion test if less than 15 liters of sand penetrates its coating or if less than 75 liters of sand penetrates its plating. Are there fees involved? 3.15 BoltedConnections Bolts or screws that can be removed in any exposed area shall not be used for joining parts of the receptacle. 02 Yvbyq%~+\91|fdsac ahcdgm5A[z ^8 The mail deposit slot frame design shall be hard mounted to the master door structure. He says that if/when he notices a building on his route has installed a key keeper with no lock, he'll let his manager know, and they'll show up to secure it. The clearance between door and door opening shall be evenly spaced, consistent in size, and minimized to preclude prying with such simple tools as knives, screwdrivers, thin metal strips, etc. Inspection by the USPS does not relieve the approved source of the responsibility to provide conforming product. 3.11 KeysandKeyIdentification All compartment keys for locks in accordance with Here's a physical-world example of why master keys are a bad idea. Use the Cross or Check marks in the top toolbar to select your answers in the list boxes. All doors shall open a minimum of 90 degrees. Each door shall permit the mounting of locks as required by 3.10.2. Espaol. 3.5.2 Parcel Compartment Doors The doors shall be spring loaded to return the doors to the fully closed position. Second Written Notification The USPS shall respond to the manufacturer in writing, via Registered MailTM, no later than 30 calendar days after receipt of the corrected receptacle with a determination of whether the manufacturers submission is accepted or rejected and with specific reasons for the determination. (b)Large Parcel Locker 18 inches high by 12 inches wide x 15 inches deep. Forms. At the conclusion of the test, the outside of the unit is wiped dry and all doors are opened. Step#2: Secondly, write the title at the centre of your document. Locknuts shall be included for installing the Arrow lock. In addition, the Postal Service will provide dummy Arrow locks for test purposes upon request. 3.4 Mounting and Hardware The hardware for attaching the receptacle to the wall shall be provided and packaged with the unit. Key System Arrow offers a full line of key system products from cylindrical to rim and mortise cylinders. And since in our particular situation he already has the key to put inside the box once it's secured, installing the box itself is literally the only thing we need to do. Key numbers shall not be placed on any exterior exposed surface. Usps Arrow Key Template. ( Strategic Planning 3-3 USPS Master Access Lock The Postal Service furnishes its own "master access lock" so that carriers have access to deliver the mail. 6.1 Application Requirements All correspondence and inquiries shall be directed to the address in 1.3. The intention of these figures is not to dictate specific designs and compartment arrangements, but to portray design examples that meet the requirements. Custom Mail, Cards, & Envelopes | USPS Create Custom Mail, Cards, & Envelopes Turn digital photos into personalized greeting cards or postcards with our third-party vendors 1. Product Details Genuine ILCO brand key blanks Made in USA Nickel Plated Brass Sold Individually Manufacturer Equivalents Ilco 1646R Jet D4301 JMA NTC-14, NTC14 Original D4301 Confirming the key you're choosing is correct VIEW THIS KEY IN REAL SIZE Actual size line drawings and groove pattern profiles are available in our manufactures directory. The Arrow lock and the 910 lock shall be located in a partitioned compartment and, for ease of maintenance reasons, shall not share the same compartment cover.
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